Welcome. My name’s Ibrahim Emad Dwaikat, I am a computer engineer, I live in Balata-Albalad (Nablus/Palestine). I finished my BA of Computer Engineering from An-Najah National university (also in nablus). Now I am working in a good software development company in Nablus.

I will summarize my CV as follows:

Ibrahim Dwaikat

Personal Info:

  • Name: Ibrahim Emad Dwaikat
  • Year of Birth:1984
  • Marital Status: Single


Experience: (Most important things)

  • Web Development (ASP.NET, PHP and related things like SQL,JavaScript, CSS, XML….etc)
  • Desktop Applications development (C#, ASP.NET)
  • Video Editing (Using most of Adobe softwares)
  • Graphics Design (Like illustrator and phtotoshop)

That was a brief description for my info, any more question, send to me using Contact Me form and I welcome that.

Ibrahim Dwaikat