My PMI-ACP certification exam experience

A few days ago, I passed Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) exam, and I would like to share my personal experience.

I had a relatively long period studying for PMI-ACP, mainly because I had some work pressure that prevented me from studying for weeks or even months. I started studying in 4/2019 and I passed the exam in 1/2020 with “Above target” for all domains. During my PMI-ACP preparation journey, I studied the following in order:

  1. I watched Joseph Phillips’s course at Udemy twice.
  2. I read the Agile Practice Guide that comes with the PMBOK Guide 6th edition.
  3. I watched Sami Qasim’s course at Udemy.
  4. I read PMI-ACP Exam Prep, Updated 2nd Edition for Mike Griffiths. I read this book twice.
  5. I have answered about 3,000 mock questions, paid and free questions.


Study Notes

  1. I had my own notes for all terms, domains…etc. focusing on the new to me; also I took notes from the mock exams explanations.
  2. I had my personal dictionary for the terms and the keywords: English to Arabic dictionary and the abbreviations.
  3. I had a sheet for mock exams and results to track the exams, scores…etc.
  4. I reviewed the mock exam results, including correct and incorrect answers.
  5. I didn’t answer Mike Griffiths’s book questions while reading; I answered them after I read the book twice.
  6. For any mock exam with a score less than 80, I retook the exam again after I completed all mock exams. I registered for the exam when I had an overall average of 83%, which is just two days before the exam day. When I went to the exam, my overall average for all mock exams was 85%.


The week before the exam

  1. I listened to Joseph Phillips’s course while driving.
  2. I reviewed my personal notes once or twice a day.
  3. I reviewed my personal dictionary once or twice a day.
  4. I focused on taking or retaking mock exams.
  5. I took eight full 3 hours of mock exams to practice for the real exam.


The last day before the exam

  1. I reviewed my personal notes and the dictionary for the last time.
  2. I took again some of the low-score mock exams that I already took. If you already took many mock exams, I don’t recommend taking new ones because they will confuse you.

The exam day

  • I didn’t take the exam at home because there is a high risk of a power failure and internet issues, so I took it at a near Pearson Vue exam center.
  1. I reached out to the exam center 30 minutes before the exam time.
  2. I drank some water and coffee and went to the restrooms before entering the exam room. It’s not allowed to bring anything with you to the exam room, such as water, tissues, medicine…etc.
  3. Before entering the exam room, the check process and admission took 10 – 15 minutes.
  4. I didn’t take any breaks during the exam.
  5. After you complete the exam questions, you see the results and a quick optional survey.
  6. I received my certification from PMI via email after 2 hours and another survey from Pearson Vue after two days.


Feel free to contact me with any questions; I’m happy to answer.

Good luck with your studying and exam.

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